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The OECD iLibrary has a wide range of statistics about pharmaceuticals and health care in the 31 OECD member nations. Click the purple 'Data' button to access the statistics online.

Information about the health care market in the United States can be found in SimplyAnalytics

You can either create a free ID to save your searches or sign in as a guest (can't save searches between sessions). Within SimplyAnalytics; use the fields in the upper part of the left column to specify a location.

Click the "Data" tab to choose statistics. Statistics relevant to pharmaceuticals and health care can be found by choosing "Consumer Behavior"

From there you can search for 'drugs' and select a number of options.

 The statistics you specify can be displayed on a map or used to build a table by clicking "New View+" on the right side of the screen.



Use Statista to find a pharmaceutical industry report. At the top blue bar, click on 'Reports' and then 'Industry'. In the search bar type in "pharmaceutical' and then limit by country.


eMarketer: Search for 'Healthcare and Pharma'. Once the results have loaded, scroll down to 'Industry'. Then, click the arrow next to 'Healthcare and Pharma' to further limit the search results. 

Industry reports can also be found in this LibAnswer: Where do I find industry statistics and reports?

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