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Nexis Uni has many tricks built into their search features so that you can perform more complex searches which modify your search terms or use the terms' proximity to each other to determine results. The complete list of shortcuts is on their LexisNexis Academic wiki.

Some of the most useful include:
* = wildcard, will replace the asterisk with any character, i.e. shark* would find both shark and sharks
! = truncation, replaces the asterisk with any text string, so graduat* would return graduation, graduate, graduating, etc.
W/5, W/p, W/s = search terms must be within approximately 5 (or any given number) words, within the same paragraph, and within the same sentence to be shown
NOT W/sent, NOT W/seg, NOT W/para, NOT W/5: same as above except the second search term cannot appear within the given proximity to the first term ("seg" is for segment, and I'm not sure how LN defines that; sent is sentence and para is paragraph)

Simple Boolean commands, like AND, OR, and NOT also work in LexisNexis Academic.

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