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We have separated the call numbers for the Funk Stacks in the following manner. Please also check the Funk Library floor map .

Call Number Floor Location
000 – 338.1 U
ACES Reference
CPLA Reference
New Books
Second Floor West Side
Current Periodicals
Statistics Reference
Second Floor East Side
338.1V – 596.04 Third Floor West Side
596.05 – 631.2 Third Floor East Side
631.3 – 999 Fourth Floor West Side
Compact Shelving Fourth Floor East Side

If the Online Catalog states that an item is in the following areas:

  • ACES – stacks, both regular and non-circulating (“non-circ”)
  • ACES Atlases – on the 2nd floor, please ask a staff member for assistance
  • ACES Compact Stacks – 4th floor, east side of the building.
  • ACES Reserves or Closed Stacks – 2nd floor, behind the circulation desk, please ask a staff member for assistance.
  • ACES Reference – 2nd floor, shelved on the northwest side of the building.
  • ACES Reference Stats – 2nd floor, shelved north of the reference desk on the east side of the building.
  • ACES & CPLA New Books – located on the 2nd floor in the southwest corner.
  • CPLA Reference – located on the 2nd floor in the northwest corner.

If an item has a letter (Q, C, F, A, B) at the beginning of its call number, the letter denotes the following meaning and/or location:

  • Q – This refers to the size of the item – it is slightly larger than normal. This will not affect the location of the book. When looking for an item with a call number that begins with “Q” ignore the “Q” and look for the numbers following it (e.g. Q630.1JO can be found at 630.1JO on the shelf).
  • C – The C is treated as three zeros (.000) at the beginning of the call number. You can locate these books at the very beginning of the main shelved collection (e.g. C5P418 can be found at .0005P418).
  • F – These are atlases or “folios” and are located on the shelves in between the “Current Periodicals” and “ACES Reference” or on the small free-standing table across from these sections, on the west side of the building.
  • A – This represents “.016”. If you are trying to locate a book with call number A, you should look on the shelves where the .016’s are stored (e.g. A.050P418 can be found at 016.050P418).
  • B – This stand for bibliography; bibliographies are located in the 919 section (e.g. B.C472C1 can be found at 919.C472C1).

As always, if you are having difficulty locating an item, please do not hesitate to ask a member of our staff for assistance.

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