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Proxy Authorization

University of Illinois faculty members may authorize research and teaching assistants to check out library materials on their behalf. This proxy authorization can be specified for up to one year. Faculty members are responsible for all library materials charged to their accounts.

To obtain authorization, faculty members must complete and sign a Proxy Form, available in the Circulation Office (room 203, Main Library) or at the Circulation Desk. The application form requires the library account numbers and signatures of both the faculty member and you (the proxy). Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Checking Out and Renewing Materials on Behalf of a Faculty Member

Once you are authorized, you can charge materials from the Library to the faculty member's account. Upon checkout, just inform the circulation desk clerk that you are acting as proxy for a faculty member. Your proxy status will be tied in with your i-card, so when your card is scanned, the circulation clerk will be able to select your professor's account instead of your own. You can't use your proxy authorization to request books for professors through the Online Catalog or the I-Share Catalog. However, if a professor uses his or her own account to request items through the library catalog, you can pick those items up at any library location if you are the authorized proxy.

To renew items checked out by a faculty member, contact the Circulation Desk. Inform them of your proxy status and give the name of the professor you are assisting. They can then renew the items. There is no way to renew these items online.

Requesting Articles for Professors

Generally, you will not be able to request articles online from the library collection. The exception will be the Library's DocExpress service, available through the Interlibrary Loan Office. DocExpress allows you to request PDF article photocopies for a fee. There is no charge for faculty, graduate students, or staff, however, undergraduate students pay $5.00 per citation.

Proxy students cannot currently place interlibrary loan requests for professors. Professors will have to place interlibrary loan requests themselves, but they can request that proxy students be authorized to pick up their items. In order to do this, the interlibrary loan borrowing office will need to have a letter from the professor stating that his or her proxy student can pick up interlibrary loan items. The proxy student's name should be included in this letter.

If you have any questions about DocExpress or ILL requests contact the Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery office. If you have any questions about proxy authorization, please contact the Circulation Office.

Emailing Articles from Databases to Faculty Members

If the database interface includes an email option, you can often send articles or citations to your professor. Be sure to notify your professor that you are emailing articles so that they aren't accidentally discarded. Many databases let you attach a note when you send articles--it's a good idea to identify yourself here so the professor knows where the articles are coming from.

Charging Computer Printouts and Microfilm Copies to Departmental Accounts

Computer Printouts: 
To charge printouts to a University of Illinois departmental account, please visit the Library Systems Office in Room 314, Main Library building. You will need:

  1. The FOAPAL account number (a 25-digit number). You should be able to get this number from your department's secretary or business office.
  2. Contact information for, or a letter from, the person in charge of the account. The Library Systems Office will then set up an account for you that enables you to print from a computer and charge it to the departmental account.

Microfilm or Microfiche Printouts: 
To charge microfilm or microfiche to a departmental account, tell a staff member at the library housing the microform printer your department's FOAPAL account number (a 25-digit number), your professor's name, and your department. All the printouts will then be charged to the departmental account.

Placing Materials on Reserve for Professors

You can place materials on reserve by filling out a Reserve Form, available on the Information Processing and Management reserves page. On the form, you'll need to fill in your professor's name and course number(s), but if you are to be the contact person for these reserves, you can use your own telephone number and email address. If you do this, indicate in the "Notes" section of the form your name and position with the professor. To find out more about reserves, please visit the Collection Management Services website

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